Saturday, July 2, 2011

Pro-Death Hypocrisy: Drug Good For Assisted Suicide, But Not For Executions

Apparently the Danish pharma company that makes Phenobarbital has taken an "ethical" stance on its use for executions. Hilarious, as Phenobarbital is the very drug championed by the pro-deathers for assisted suicide. It's a staple at Swiss death clinic Dignitas. Go figure.
Lundbeck and pentobarbital: pharma takes a stand
Danish manufacturer Lundbeck has now prohibited its use in the US as an execution drug. Photograph: Alessandro Della Bella/AP
The announcement by Danish pharmaceutical firm Lundbeck on Friday that it is restricting the distribution of pentobarbital represents a landmark decision. This is the first time that a major global pharmaceutical company has taken such direct action to tighten up its supply chain to ensure that its drugs are used to benefit the health of patients, not assist in state-sponsored execution. It follows months of pressure from human rights advocates. At the end of last year, US death row states found it difficult to get access to the previous drug, thiopental, for executions following an export ban from the UK. more

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