Friday, December 31, 2010

Man Commits Suicide Because Palliative Care Was Lacking

I posted earlier in the week the latest victim of pro-death Swiss killing clinic Dignitas. Here’s the latest – Andrew Colgan left a suicide note that blasts all the usual suspects. If you read this blog even tangentially, you’ll know the arguments he made to kill himself and break his mother’s heart. The part that really gets to me is that Andrew’s primary reason for killing himself was pain. There’s no need for that to happen to anyone because we have the means, medically, to make sure people are comfortable until natural death. My suspicion is that living in the UK palliative care was hardly a priority.
How dare they stop me ending my pain?
TRAGIC suicide clinic Brit Andrew Colgan left a heartbreaking letter blasting UK laws for preventing him from ending his life at home.
Multiple sclerosis victim Andrew, 42, had spent months arranging his death at Dignitas in Zurich, Switzerland.
He left his family an 11-page note describing his torment as his condition became unbearable.
Scientist Andrew wrote: "One aspect that really frightens me is how some people's moral attitudes can prevent me from having the end I want. How dare they?
"I have never been so frightened. I wish I could stay in the UK but the laws and general complications here make it necessary to go elsewhere, away from so many things and so many people I love so very much. more

Make Sure You & Your Doctor Agree About Euthanasia

Well, whichever side of the euthanasia debate you’re on, you’d better make sure your doctor sees the world the way you do.
Euthanasia & Physician-Assisted Suicide...What Are Doctors Thinking?
Have you ever wondered about the opinions of practicing doctors toward euthanasia (the doctor deliberately hastens the death of a terminally ill patient) and physician-assisted suicide (the patient hastens his or her own death, with the help of a doctor).
To achieve a better understanding of doctors' attitudes and practices regarding these highly controversial societal issues, the American Society of Clinical Oncology surveyed 3299 U.S. cancer doctors. Cancer doctors (oncologists) were questioned because in the U.S. these specialists more commonly address these issues than do other doctors.
The researchers reviewed the doctors' attitudes in relation to a theoretical patient who had terminal cancer of the prostate with unremitting pain. They were also questioned about how they felt about requests for and their participation in euthanasia and physician-assisted suicide.
The results of the study were published in the Annals of Internal Medicine 2000;133:527-532.
Of the U.S. cancer doctors that were surveyed, 25% supported the use of physician-assisted suicide for a terminally ill patient with unremitting pain, while 6.5% supported euthanasia. more

Politician's Regret? Nah, Just Sorry He Got Caught Out

Here’s why he regrets the email he sent, which asked everyone to keep quiet that they were using regulations to slip in the death panels that were rejected in Obamacare last year – he was outed.
Democrat Who Started Latest Death Panels Row Regrets Email
The Democrat who started the latest national debate over the inclusion of so-called “death panels” by the Obama administration into federal regulations now regrets doing so.
The office of Representative Earl Blumenauer, an assisted suicide advocate from Oregon who works closely with pro-euthanasia groups like Compassion and Choices, alerted supporters of the change the Obama administration implemented and worked to ask them to keep the news quiet.
“We would ask that you not broadcast this accomplishment out to any of your lists e-mails can too easily be forwarded,” his staff wrote. “Thus far, it seems that no press or blogs have discovered it but we will be keeping a close watch and may be calling on you if we need a rapid, targeted response. The longer this [regulation] goes unnoticed, the better our chances of keeping it.”
The memo talked of a “quiet” victory and had the congressman worrying about how Republican leaders would “use this small provision to perpetuate the ‘death panel’ myth.” more

US Courts' View Of Assisted Suicide

This got by me when it was broadcast earlier this year. It’s a good piece on legal aspects of assisted suicide in the US.
C-SPAN's Supreme Court Broadcasts: Assisted Suicide
Does the Constitution give a person the liberty to choose death over life?
The Supreme Court in 1997 faced that question in Washington v. Glucksberg and it did so at a time in our nation's history when the question of the morality and the legality of assisted suicide was very much a subject of intense public debate. Much more so than today. The popularity (many say infamy) of Dr. Jack Kevorkian, a Michigan doctor who became (and remains) a universal symbol of the issue, was perhaps at its peak. In fact, the case was decided two weeks after jury selection began in the fourth Michigan trial of Kevorkian based upon his conduct in assisting the elderly to die by administering lethal doses of medication. more

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Even Scholars Swallow The Pro-Deather Line

This appears in the latest edition of the premier US academic paper, the Chronicle of Higher Education. The author is obviously a scholar, and he takes a half-hearted stab at assisted suicide, not having a clue as to pretty much anything he’s talking about. This is the problem – so-called bright people are just as likely to swallow the propaganda of the pro-deathers. Too bad, this piece does nothing to clarify, everything to confuse.
End-of-Life Care and Advice
I turned 70 this year, so I suppose I have another 10 years of life, give or take. . . . I don’t think much about the long-term and certainly not about the hereafter.  . . .
But as the time approaches, assuming I don’t go suddenly in a car accident or with a heart attack, I very much hope I can get some good and experienced counseling. If I am going out with cancer or whatever, I want to know about the predicted sequence and so forth. How long will I be mobile? When will I no longer be able to wipe my own bottom? Will I be in a lot of pain? And that sort of thing. more

The Macabre Banality Of Assisted Suicide

So it goes. Another poster person death at Swiss killing factory Dignitas. The story is written in the now-predictable vein of hero-who-enacts-the-human-right-of-committing-assisted-suicide. So banal, so bereft of feeling. So sterile, so nihilistic. So evil.
MS sufferer dies at Swiss assisted suicide clinic
A MULTIPLE Sclerosis sufferer has ended his life at an "assisted suicide" clinic in Switzerland.
Andrew Colgan died in Zurich after a 10-year fight against MS. more

Obamacare: Yes, There Really Are Death Panels

Just in case you’re still a little confused about the whole “death panel” thing, this piece should clarify it for you. I agree with it entirely.
Death panels are just the first step
Sarah Palin deserves an apology. When she said that the new health-care law would lead to "death panels" deciding who gets life-saving treatment and who does not, she was roundly denounced and ridiculed.
Now we learn, courtesy of one of the ridiculers -- the New York Times -- that she was right. Under a new policy not included in the law for fear the administration's real end-of-life game would be exposed, a rule issued by the recess-appointed Dr. Donald M. Berwick, administrator of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, calls for the government to pay doctors to advise patients on options for ending their lives.
These could include directives to forgo aggressive treatment that could extend their lives.
This rule will inevitably lead to bureaucrats deciding who is "fit" to live and who is not. more

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

No, Advertising Death Is NOT To Foster Debate, It's To Propagandize

Well, we all know by now that the pro-deathers are engaged in a full court press to market death just like hamburgers, hence this sign that’s gone up in Pittsburgh. Whats most disturbing about the piece, I think, is the reporter’s glib agreement that assisted suicide and euthanasia are a human right. Really???? This is how it goes, unfortunately: Stupid reporter claims killing as a human right, laypeople read this, and, being uninformed, assume that yes, it is indeed a human right. Propaganda, lies, spin, erroneous info, all in one sentence. Oh, and by the way, these ads are NOT aimed at "enlivening the debate." For the pro-deathers the debate is long over, it's only that the rest of us poor schlubs are so retrograde and unsophisticated that we haven't quite gotten it yet.
Billboard's aim: Enliven controversial debate Right-to-die group posts
A billboard paid for by the Final Exit Network went up Tuesday at the Boulevard of the Allies and McDevitt Place in Oakland.
A new billboard erected Tuesday at the intersection of the Boulevard of the Allies and McDevitt Place in Oakland says simply, "Die with Dignity -- the Final Human Right."
Nothing much to argue with about that. But Final Exit Network, the national organization that paid for the billboard and offers its contact information on it, hopes there is plenty of debate in the next month over the right-to-die issues the sign raises. more

Ha-Ha: Suicide Is Such A Funny Joke . . .

See, this pro-death stuff seeps into popular culture and diminishes the horror of medicalized and other killing as an act of mercy. Cilla Black is a has-been Brit actress and singer who announced several weeks ago that she’d rather go to Swiss killing clinic Dignitas than have a poor quality of life. This report is about how her sons are now making macabre jokes about shipping old mom off to her death. Ha-ha. Hilarious. Let’s see what happens when Black actually decides to go to Dignitas – I’ll bet the jokes will be far fewer and further between then.
. . . On her comments this month when she said she doesn’t want to live past 75, she says: “I just want my grandchildren to remember me like I am. If I’m 75 and like I am now I’ll be happy. I was stressing that I didn’t want to go like my mother, having to be fed. It’s quality of life not the quantity.”
But her words have left her the butt of her three sons’ jokes.
“My boys come out with all the sick jokes: Surprise Surprise, you thought you were going to Barbados but you’re off to Dignitas!” [a Swiss assisted dying centre] laughs Cilla. more

Propaganda Alert: This Is Hardly A Balanced Report

Propaganda Alert: Read the heading on this piece and then the first few paragraphs. Debate? Nope, this is a piece firmly in the tank for killing. Read everything on this topic carefully, and you’ll soon be able to separate the genuine debate from the pro-death spin.
Year in Quebec marked by emotional debate on assisted suicide, euthanasia.
QUEBEC - Nicole Gladu doesn't know exactly how much longer she is going to tolerate watching herself slowly lose the ability to walk, talk and use her hands. But she finds comfort in the fact that when she's had enough she can opt out.
If by then Quebec or Canadian laws don't let her put an end to her life by assisted suicide, she'll travel to a clinic in Switzerland - with a good friend.
``My great challenge is to live without hope, without becoming hopeless,'' said Gladu, who suffers from post-polio syndrome and whose condition is deteriorating. more

Pro-Deathers Try For TV Ads In Canada

Remember, the pro-deathers never quit. Pro-death TV ads were disallowed in Aussie and New Zealand, and now they’re trying to pull the same stunt in Canada. So far they’re out of luck, but that may not hold.
Canada bans TV euthanasia advert
A pro-euthanasia ad which is a controversial one has been banned from Canadian airwaves. Roadblocks are faced by the group behind it at every corner of its Canadian speaking tour where it instructs people on how to commit painless suicide. more

Monday, December 27, 2010

The "Murder As Mercy" Excuse Is Getting A Little Old

This Taiwanese man stabbed his wife to death with a screwdriver. His defense? Mercy, of course!!
Taiwan man kills wife after posting intention on blog
TAIPEI: An elderly Taiwanese man allegedly put his ailing wife to death by pushing a screwdriver through her skull, weeks after he said on his blog he might kill her as an act of mercy, media reported on Monday. more

If It's So Great, Why Is This Administration Trying To Keep It Quiet?

Here’s a longer piece on the sleight-of-hand by the pro-death Obama administration regarding end of life counseling. Note how the pro-deathers have asked everyone to keep it down – they don’t want the news to get out because it’ll p*** people off even more. Such arrogance, such tenacity.
Obama Returns to End-of-Life Plan That Caused Stir
WASHINGTON — When a proposal to encourage end-of-life planning touched off a political storm over “death panels,” Democrats dropped it from legislation to overhaul the health care system. But the Obama administration will achieve the same goal by regulation, starting Jan. 1.
Under the new policy, outlined in a Medicare regulation, the government will pay doctors who advise patients on options for end-of-life care, which may include advance directives to forgo aggressive life-sustaining treatment.
Congressional supporters of the new policy, though pleased, have kept quiet. They fear provoking another furor like the one in 2009 when Republicans seized on the idea of end-of-life counseling to argue that the Democrats’ bill would allow the government to cut off care for the critically ill. more

Pro-Death Obamacare Ignores The Public, Governs By Legislation Over Law

Remember how some of us were excoriated when we foresaw not only the “death panel” idea, but that mandating doctors to discuss (with no guarantee that “discuss” couldn’t turn into “coerce”) “end of life planning” would be part of what Obamacare proposed? Well, after the furor, it was removed from the now infamous bill. But guess what?? IT’S BAAACCKK!!!! Only not through the law, but via federal regulation, which accomplishes the same thing – BUT without a congressional vote. Technically, it’s a regulation vs. a law. No matter, it’s another piece of the pro-death puzzle, trust me.
Obama to bring "end of life" planning in through the back door
The idea that "end of life planning" paid for once every 5 years by Medicare will morph into euthanasia counseling was one of the more bizarre arguments against Obamacare when it was proposed two years ago. People have to make informed decisions about how they want their doctor to treat them if they sicken and are unable to make choices about resuscitation and other important end of life issues.
Everyone should have a Living Will that spells out for their family where to draw the line about extraordinary measures that could keep one alive. If you wish to remain in a vegetative state, that should be your choice and should be reflected in the body of the Living Will. With the force of law, no one - not family or government - can alter that decision. As long as it is clear you were of sound mind when you made that decision, your wishes must be respected.
The question isn't whether Living Wills are necessary. The question is should Medicare be paying for such consultations? more

The New Norm: Help People Kill Themselves, Become An Heroic "Expert"

What do you do for an encore after flying halfway across the world to help your mother kill herself? Why, masquerade as a reformer and visionary, not an aider and abettor to murder. Sick, really sick.
Assisted death advocate keen to start South African group
The man charged with the attempted murder of his terminally ill mother has joined a group that promotes assisted death and wants to start his own group in South Africa.
Sean Davison might also tour his adoptive country with a high-profile New Zealand euthanasia campaigner before he faces trial in the High Court in Dunedin. more

Gag Me - More "Heroics" Of Killing Yourself

Ah yes, so brave - killing yourself to "My Way." Wonder what this person thought about the "bit off more than I can chew" part of the song?
MS sufferer took own life to Sinatra song
An academic at the centre of an assisted suicide row was found dead with Frank Sinatra's I Did It My Way blasting from a laptop computer. Caroline Loder, who pioneered treatment for multiple sclerosis, ended her life by gassing herself.
The 48-year-old former university lecturer, was also wearing a T-shirt with the poignant message "Live life to the full" when her body was discovered by a neighbour. more

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Brit police Finally Getting The Message: Trying To Enforce Law Is Futile

The British police are finally getting it: Assisting in a suicide is illegal and punishable under British law, but they’re wasting their time trying to do their jobs because the society just doesn’t have the will anymore to prosecute these aiders and abettors of killing.
Police drop suicide clinic death inquiry of Weston-super-Mare man
Police are no longer investigating the death of a Weston-super-Mare man after claims he travelled to Switzerland to die in an assisted suicide clinic.
The Evening Post reported back in October that officers from Avon & Somerset Police were looking into the death of Terry Martin, 64, of Slimeridge Farm Touring Site, Uphill.
It is believed Mr Martin, who suffered poor health, travelled to an assisted suicide clinic in Switzerland to end his own life. more

Old-Fashioned Finns Still Think Killing Patients Is Murder

Methinks Finnish nurse Nykopp-Koski has gotten a bad rap. After all, she’s being punished for what they do all the time in the Netherlands and Belgium – killing patients who never asked to be killed.
Finnish nurse gets life for murdering five patients
Aino Nykopp-Koski, 60, killed the patients, aged between 70 and 91, with drugs they had not been prescribed, including sedatives and opiates.
The murders took place at various hospitals, care homes and patients' homes between 2004 and 2009, the Helsinki court heard.
Media reported that the court had not been able to determine any motive for the crimes. more

Belgian Lawmakers Propose Euthanasia For Children & Those With Dementia

Unsurprising, but ominous. Some Belgian legislators are proposing that euthanasia be extended to include those with dementia and children. Frightening. Note that this piece is a Google Translate of the original French.
Belgium: Euthanasia of people with dementia
28 October 2010, a proposed law relating to people with dementia has been tabled in the House of Representatives (Myriam Vanlerberghe, Renaat Landuyt and Maya Detiège). This is a cover of the proposal 4-676/1 Senate.
The authors start from the observation that the Act of May 28, 2002 on euthanasia does not apply to people with dementia even if they have drafted an advance directive at some point they were still capable.
The authors argue that dementia is generally progressive and suggest that anyone, even if already ill, could write an advance directive in which it clarifies the point that she wishes we proceed to the active termination of life. more

Defenses For Helping To Kill People Get Ever More Creative

Well, well: A new creative defense for helping to kill the disabled: “The disabled person so abused me that I had no choice.” Sometimes I think we should just get past all the pretence and say that if you want to kill someone, go ahead.
Court confirms acquittal of Que. man charged with assisted suicide
QUEBEC — The Quebec Court of Appeal confirmed Wednesday the acquittal of a Quebec man charged with helping his disabled uncle commit suicide.
Stephan Dufour, 31, was found not guilty by jury on Dec. 12, 2008 in the death of Chantal Maltais, 49, who contracted poliomyelitis when he was four years old and was confined to a wheelchair. more

When Murderers Brazenly Annonce Killing As Love

Yawn . . . Another killer bravely calls what he did mercy, and announces that he’s going to campaign for euthanasia. Notice the spin in the articles header - it's not murder, you see, it's "helping people die." These people certainly take the cake when it comes to being brazen liars and propagandists.
Professor who helped mom die arrives back in SA
The academic arrested after helping his terminally ill mother to die in New Zealand has arrived back in South Africa.
Addressing a media briefing in Cape Town on Wednesday, Professor Sean Davison announced he would campaign for a change to local law to permit voluntary euthanasia.
"I hope by doing this I can help bring about some good from my unfortunate situation," he said. more

Sometimes The "Caring" Pro-Deather Mask Slips

While the Aussie assisted suicide push has been defeated, it’ll be back, trust me. Every now and again, too, a pro-deather lets the caring mask of the “right to die” slip to reveal what they really want, and that’s to ensure that people have a duty to die. Read on:
Priority to protect the vulnerable
THE heart of opposition to euthanasia is that the so-called "right to die" would come to be felt by the frailest more as a "duty to die".
During the last national debate on euthanasia one moment crystallised this fear. In 1995 then governor- general Bill Hayden urged doctors to support euthanasia as both an individual right and a positive duty to society.
He described past cultures in which the elderly would commit suicide when their usefulness had passed and declared of our own culture: "There is a point when the succeeding generations deserve to be disencumbered of some unproductive burdens." more

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Some Counter To The Canadian Pro-Deather Spin

Well, as readers of this blog know, I don’t put too much faith in polls on the pro-death issue. However, this report provides a counterbalance to the pro-deathers who insist that the polls show strongly in their favor.
Poll shows public opinion shifting against legalizing euthanasia
For many years the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition has been analyzing Canadian survey results related to euthanasia and assisted suicide. The first major survey that the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition commissioned was part of an Environics Group – National Omnibus survey in April 2001.
The recent Environics Group survey, sponsored by Life Canada, shows that the EPC strategy not only convinced MPs to vote against legalizing euthanasia and assisted suicide in Canada, but has also helped to shift public opinion against the legalization of euthanasia in Canada. (Bill C-384, which would have legalized euthanasia and assisted suicide was defeated by 228 to 59 on April 21). The survey on euthanasia was based on 2025 Canadians questioned between Sept. 15 – 22. more

Monday, December 20, 2010

California Pro-Deathers Gear Up In The Media

Yup, the full court press is on in California again, with very sympathetic pro-death pieces getting more numerous. All the usual arguments, all the usual lies. On, and the title: What, it's easier to watch killing? Give me a break.
Liza Horvath, Senior Advocate: It's hard to watch suffering
The baby boomer generation, those born in a wave peaking between 1957 and 1961, represents approximately 80 million people in America. . . .
The boomers are now seniors or soon will be. Although the boomers have exerted considerable economic, political and social control, the real challenge is still before us. more

Sunday, December 19, 2010

NHS: No Money For Treatment: Can Euthanasia For Saving Money Be Far Behind?

No, really??? Bummer, dude. As the UK’s National Health Service cuts dollars, people are being denied treatment. Geez, how can that be? Obamacare, anyone???
Patients denied treatment as NHS makes cutbacks, Telegraph can disclose
Hundreds of thousands of NHS patients are being denied routine procedures as dozens of trusts cut back on surgery, scans and other treatments in order to save money, a Daily Telegraph investigation has found. more

Pro-Deather Final Exit Network Supported By Disabled Pro-Deathers

Well, so it begins: As the Final Exit Network gets busted for killing., their supporters, especially the poster-people with severe medical disabilities, come to their defense. Let’s hope that the state of Georgia doesn’t fold as quickly as the UK has after the Debbie Purdy onslaught.
Woman Sues to Overturn Assisted Suicide Law
ATLANTA -- Living with a fatal degenerative disease, Susan Caldwell relied heavily on the support of a Georgia-based right-to-die group. She had tried to kill herself in 2008 by strapping on a helium-filled hood, and just knowing the group - the Final Exit Network - was there for her gave her peace of mind.
Then, the organization went on hiatus in Georgia when four group members were charged with assisted suicide. Awash with anxiety, the 43-year-old Caldwell filed a lawsuit last week asking a federal judge to let the group assign her an "exit guide" who could hold her hand and guide her through her final hours if the pain of living becomes unbearable.
"It is not the illness I fear, it is the suffering it causes," she said. "Final Exit Network provided relief and compassion to people like me." more

Yes, Medicalized Killing Is attractive Because It Saves Money

Interesting report of a Canadian debate, especially the conclusion, that it’s an attractive way to save medical dollars. I agree.
To be or not to be, is still the big question
While death and taxes continue to be the two immutable factors of modern life, questions raised by legal euthanasia seemed to be less concerned with the inevitable end of life as opposed to the where, when and especially how the lights get turned off.
 “It’s not so much about if we’re going to die,” said Dr. Stephen Liben. “It’s all about how we’re going to die.” more

Ah, Murder, The Ultimate Gift Of Love

Gee, remind me to never be loved by someone who sees killing me as a loving act . . .
I love my Tony, and that's why I need to kill him
A paralysed stroke victim and his wife argue that legislation preventing her from helping him to die violates his human rights By Nina Lakhani Sunday, 19 December 2010
For Jane Nicklinson, love is now a matter of life and death. Despite proving beyond doubt her devotion to her husband, Tony, the former nurse has agreed to kill him. Five and a half years ago he suffered a catastrophic stroke which left him paralysed from the neck down, able to move only his head and eyes. Within months, realising he was never going to get better, Tony, 56, made it clear to Jane that he wanted to die. What has unfolded since is, to some, the ultimate love story while, to others, it is a plan for premeditated murder. more

Don't Worry - Assisted Suicide Now A Fait Accimpli In The UK

Well, of course Nicklinson wants to go to Swiss pro-death clinic Dignitas to die. He lives in the UK, where the propaganda to kill yourself if you’re not absolutely perfect is a reality now. He’s also worried that of he does, his wife might be prosecuted when she returns to the UK. He needn’t worry – earlier this week the British Government made it clear that they’re already turning a blind eye to the goings-on in Switzerland.
'Locked in’ father: I will go abroad to die unless law changes
Civil engineer Tony Nicklinson, 56, lost all movement in his body from the neck down after suffering a sudden catastrophic stroke on a business trip to Greece in 2005.
He is confined to a wheelchair and can only communicate through moving his head and eyes. Mr Nicklinson wants wife Jane, 55, to help him in a 'mercy killing' but fears she could be prosecuted if she does.
He has vowed to fly out to the assisted dying group Dignitas in Switzerland if an unofficial review chaired by Lord Falconer fails to bring a change in the law. more

Friday, December 17, 2010

Media Spin For Executed Killer Begins

Told ya (see post below this one) - here goes the media questioning whether executing a murderer with an animal drug was "cruel and unusual." Please, spare me . . .
Pentobarbital, Euthanasia Drug, Used in Oklahoma Execution: Was It Inhumane?
(CBS/AP) When the time came to execute John David Duty on Thursday, Oklahoma put the convicted killer down like a dog. That is, they gave him pentobarbital, a sedative used to euthanize pets. more

Animal Drug Used For Execution: So What?

The media are trying to make something out of the fact that a murderer was executed using Phenobarbital, usually used in animal euthanasia, because the usual execution drugs were in short supply. Let’s remember that the pro-deathers often assert that we should allow assisted suicide and euthanasia because it’s as compassionate as how we euthanize animals. Also, remember that Mexico does quite a trade in selling this very same drug to people who want to die but can’t get Phenobarbital legally in their home country.
Oklahoma uses animal euthanasia drug in execution
OKLAHOMA CITY (Reuters) - Oklahoma put to death a man on Thursday convicted of strangling his prison cellmate, using for the first time in a U.S. execution a drug often used to euthanize animals. more

Are The Pro-Deathers Spinning The Media In California?

Now, this story might be one of the many pro-deather-friendly pieces that routinely appear in the media. However, the pro-death activists have decided to target California again in a bid to legalize assisted suicide and/or euthanasia. My take is that they have already contacted their friends in the media to produce pieces like this as a way of swaying public opinion to their side.
Is it time to revisit 'death with dignity'?
The daughter of the Leisure World man who allegedly ended his wife's suffering with a bullet declines to talk publicly about her parents.
It is two days after the death of her mother and I am on the phone with Kathy Palmateer. Calling, I feel like a creep. But I believe she may be able to shed light on one of the most troubling issues that confronts some families. more

German Push-Back To Lawsuit Seeking To OK Assisted Suicide

Good for the ADF for supporting Germany as it tries to fend off a challenge to make assisted sucide legal.
ADF supports German pro-life stance
The Alliance Defense Fund (ADF) is being allowed to represent a German pro-life group in a court challenge to the German government over its denying an assisted suicide request.
A husband decided to sue after his wife's request to be euthanized was denied, even though she proceeded with her plans in Switzerland and is now deceased. ADF attorney Roger Kiska, who is in Croatia, tells OneNewsNow the lawsuit is now before the European Court of Human Rights. more

Don't Believe The Pro-Deather Polls

Don’t believe the polls about assisted suicide or euthanasia. There’s tons of evidence that they are skewed by the pro-deathers.
Majority of Canadians support legalizing euthanasia; poll
A new Angus Reid poll shows 63 per cent of Canadians support the legalization of euthanasia.
The poll shows residents in Quebec recorded the highest amount of support with 78 per cent.
81 per cent of Canadians say they believe legalizing euthanasia would give people who are suffering an opportunity to ease their pain. more

Read This: The Hippocratic Oath Likely Won't Protect You From The Pro-Deathers

Here’s a very good piece from Ireland explaining the origins and current distortion of the Hippocratic oath which IMO, aids and abets the assisted suicide/euthanasia creep we see happening all over the world.
Worrying undercurrent of economics in debate on euthanasia
IT IS WIDELY assumed that all medical doctors take the Hippocratic Oath. However, the oath is no longer administered in most medical schools worldwide, including Ireland. Ethics is taught on the medical curriculum and medical doctors follow a code of ethics, but the full-blown Hippocratic tradition, which was fused with the Christian tradition, is significantly modified from its traditional form nowadays. more

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Yawn: Another Has-Been Singer Thinks Suicide At 75 Is what She Wants

Yawn. Another washed up pop star from the 60s is trumpeting that she wants to die at 75, unless she feels “healthy” and is “not a burden.” See how this creeps into popular culture? “Well, if Cilla Black, who is my age, and who I remember from her heyday when I was a teen, says it’s OK to die if you’re sick or a bother, why she might have a point.”
Cilla Black says she wants to die at 75... hope she realises that's just EIGHT years away
Other women of her age are looking for ways to get the most out of their retirement.
But not Cilla Black. The singer and television presenter has given herself an eight-year shelf life – claiming that doesn’t want to live beyond 75.
The 67-year-old insisted she had no desire to ‘linger’ into old age. more

Care Not Killing UK Refuses To Participate In Falconer's Kangaroo Court

My friend and colleague Peter Saunders has written a hard-hitting letter to the Falconer Commission in the UK declining to give testimony before this kangaroo court loaded with pro-deathers. Well done, Peter!!

UK Effectively OKs Assisted Suicide

Now the floodgates of death in the UK will open wide. Very  wide. While assisted suicide is still against the law, “clarifications” of the law, under pressure from the pro-deathers, basically communicated that it was OK to assist in a suicide as long as it wasn’t for nefarious reasons. This was especially aimed at people who had accompanied others to Swiss death clinic Dignitas and who were afraid they’d be prosecuted once they returned to the UK. Now, the Director of Pubic Prosecutions says he won’t prosecute anyone under the assisted suicide statutes. What’s to stop assisted suicide now being carried out in the UK itself given the message that’s just been sent?
No charges in 20 assisted-suicide cases as public prosecution is accused of re-writing law
The Director of Public Prosecutions has declined to bring charges against at least 20 people suspected of helping others to commit suicide, it was revealed yesterday.
Keir Starmer QC said the cases were ‘difficult’ and involved families where loved ones were accused of assisting in suicide.
The disclosure provoked fury from anti-euthanasia groups. They accused Mr Starmer, who is in charge of all criminal prosecution decisions, of single-handedly rewriting the law on suicide. more

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Pro-Deather Disability Community Parade At The Falconer Commission

The procession continues at the Falconer Commission in the UK. Now it’s Debbie Purdy’s turn, she who forced “clarification” of UK assisted suicide law last year. Of course she’s in the tank for this pro-death commission. Where’s the balance??
Purdy: Lords ruling on suicide gave me new life
Multiple sclerosis sufferer Debbie Purdy, who is from West Yorkshire, has spoken of her new lease of life since winning a landmark ruling from the House of Lords on assisted suicide.
The 47 year old told an inquiry on assisted dying that she would be dead if she had not won the backing of the Law Lords for a policy statement on whether people who help someone kill themselves should be prosecuted.
Ms Purdy told the Commission on Assisted Dying inquiry in London that she would have gone to the Dignitas clinic in Switzerland to end her own life if she had lost the case, as her condition was deteriorating. She said she would not have wanted to have exposed her husband, Omar Puente, to the possibility of prosecution if he helped her travel abroad to end her life. more

There Needs To Be A Push-Back Against Pro-Death Witnesses At The Falconer Commission

Ah, yes, so it begins at the Falconer Commission hearings in the UK. Out of the woodwork come the disabled to plead for the right to kill themselves, or be killed, in the UK, because it’s very un air for them to have to go to another country that currently allows it. There needs to be a counter balance. Hopefully Nabil Shaban, Liz Crowe, and Alison Davis will speak for our side.
Melksham man gives evidence to assisted dying inquiry
A man from Wiltshire who wants to end his life is to give evidence to the Commission on Assisted Dying.
Tony Nicklinson, 56, from Melksham, has "locked in syndrome" after suffering a stroke in June 2005.
Mr Nicklinson said he did not see why he should have to travel to another country to end his life.
"I am already a cripple. Any civilised society would look after its cripples and not send them overseas so they cannot be seen," he said.
He added: "How much more must I give to take away the guilt of the able-bodied? more

Another Take Refuting The Hopelessness Of Terminal Illness

Here’s a great piece pushing back against the pro-deather idea that we should help people kick the bucket at the end of their lives, and makes a case for a final gift of the dying: teaching others how to live.
Dying well: Witnessing death enhances the lives of palliative care workers
After shadowing doctors, nurses, assistants, spiritual care workers and psychologists in palliative care centres in Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Calgary and Vancouver, researchers found health professionals reported a better understanding of the meaning of life, an increased awareness of spirituality and an acknowledgment of their own mortality.
The idea of dying is a source of discomfort for many, but as a new study proves, death instils in its witnesses a healing wisdom which defies our habitual attempts to deny or control it.
University of Calgary researcher Shane Sinclair completed a cross-country study on the impact of death on palliative care workers and the results, recently published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal, prove how wrongheaded society's ingrained thinking about end-of-life issues remains. more

The UK's Falconer Commission Is In The Tank for Assisted Suicide

The UK Falconer Commission into assisted suicide is clearly a farce, as it’s funded by a pro-deather and most of the Commission’s members are pro-deathers. Once again, the Telegraph’s George pitcher gets it right, and raises interesting questions for Falconer. It’ll be interesting to see if his Lordship replies.
An open letter and some questions for Lord Falconer on his 'Commission' on Assisted Dying
Dear Lord Falconer,
I see that you write in The Times today that your “Commission on Assisted Dying” is “independent” and conducting a “serious and dispassionate investigation” into the need for a change in the law for those who assist someone to commit suicide.
Separately, you have invited me, among many others, to give evidence to this “Commission”. It is an invitation that you have repeated to me on air on national radio. On first examination, this might seem like a sensible invitation: I have written a book on what I see as the incontrovertible cases against the introduction of assisted suicide or euthanasia into our legislature and I am fully in favour of rational and evidence-based debate on this important subject.
But, whatever one’s view on this issue, it is difficult to see how your “Commission” can be interpreted as anything even approaching “independent” or “dispassionate”. You, Lord Falconer, chair it and your views on this subject are well known – indeed, you have tried and failed to introduce an amendment to law in the House of Lords that would have made assisted suicide lawful. Eight of the 12 members of your “Commission” are known to hold pro-assisted suicide views and, among the remainder, there is not one known or public opponent of it. Your “Commission” is sponsored by Sir Terry Pratchett, who has publicly declared that assisted suicide should be available for those with dementia, and the lobby group Dignity in Dying, formerly the Voluntary Euthanasia Society. more

Texas Has This Case Right - It's Murder, Plain & Simple

Well, well. Here’s a classic case of what the pro-deathers want legalized – assisted suicide for all. I’m surprised the pro-deathers haven’t already rallied to Ostfeld’s defense with what a hero he is, etc., rather than what the state of Texas thinks he is (thank goodness) – a murderer.
Man accused of aiding Roseburg woman's suicide faces Texas judge
Roseburg's Jennifer Malone would have turned 31 next week. Instead of celebrating her birth, however, her family is clinging to hope that the man they blame for her death will be punished.
Jeffrey Ostfeld, 34, of Las Vegas is set to stand trial on Dec. 28 in Texas for smuggling animal tranquilizers into the United States from Mexico.
He has not been charged in Malone's May 18, 2009, death, but Texas media have reported there is a videotape purportedly made by Ostfeld showing Malone sitting in a hotel room, crying, complaining about the bitter taste of the tranquilizer and nausea, and saying, “I'm scared.” more

American Medical Women’s Association Condones Medicalized Killing

Uh-huh. So now we have an entire supposedly legit medical association, the American Medical Women’s Association, which has swallowed the pro-deather spin hook, line, and proverbial sinker. On their page click on “Aid in Dying” (a pro-deather euphemism for assisted killing) and read what they stand for – killing their patients. OK, it’s not as blunt as that, but that’s what they mean. Here’s a taste. Be afraid, be very afraid, because what they’re advocating is medicalized assisted suicide – sorry, “Aid in Dying.”
2. AMWA believes the physician should have the right to engage in practice wherein they may provide a terminally ill patient with, but not administer, a lethal dose of medication and/or medical knowledge, so that the patient can, without further assistance, hasten his/her death. This practice is known as Aid in Dying. more

Sunday, December 12, 2010

On Euthanasia Muslims Have It Right

This from my Muslim friends – yes, euthanasia goes against all that we know in Islam, Christianity, and Judaism.
we’re not dead yet and we will fight back.
Don't you think that euthanasia is a long, smooth sounding word? Cause I do. Heh. What is euthanasia actually? Well, after a few debates which I went not so long ago, I understand that euthanasia can be lexically explicated as some sort of a mercy killing—taking the life (a.k.a killing some one) of a hopelessly ill or injured individual in order to end his or her suffering. more

Pro-Death Advocate Gets Mucho Cash

Ah, yes, just what Aussie Doctor Death Philip Nitschke needed. Some idiot sends him a major chunk of change so that he can help others kick the bucket . . .
Exit International gets a gift from S'porean
A SINGAPOREAN who is believed to have killed himself last year by taking a do-it-yourself (DIY) suicide drug has bequeathed a 'significant' amount of money to the pro-euthanasia group, Exit International. more

Friday, December 10, 2010

Final Exit Network Tries To Deflect Charges In GA Courtroom

Busted Final Exit Network members tried to deflect breaking the law in a Georgia court today by arguing that encouraging people to die was “free speech.” I think the more damning evidence is the experience of the undercover Fed posing as a terminally ill person, and what happened to him when the group showed him just exactly how they “helped” people die (allegedly by holding down the victim’s hands while they were being asphyxiated) – just in case they changed their minds. Creepy.
Right-to-die group argues Georgia suicide law unconstitutional
CUMMING – Attorneys for four members of the right-to-die group Final Exit Network who are charged with assisting in the suicide of a 58-year-old Cumming man argued Friday that Georgia’s statute covering assisted suicide is unconstitutional and “totally incoherent.”
In a three-hour hearing in a Forsyth County courtroom, attorneys pressed Superior Court Judge David L. Dickinson to dismiss the criminal charges because the state law improperly restricts free speech.
“It infringes on everybody’s right to free speech as it’s written,” said defense attorney Rob Rubin. “It restricts the abilities of citizens to engage in discussion and have debate about end-of-life decisions.” more

Pro-Deather Lies Revealed In Aussie Emails

Anytime you ever read anything from the pro-deathers remember this piece – laying bare the behind-the-scenes deception they engaged in to pull the wool over the public’s eyes in Australia. This is evidence uncovered related to the Aussie bill for euthanasia that's just being defeated.
EUTHANASIA I: Dirty tricks exposed in SA euthanasia push
Greens MLC Mark Parnell’s radical euthanasia bill has been defeated in South Australia’s upper house of parliament. Defeated “on the voices”. It didn’t even reach committee stage.
It marks a win for the vulnerable in our community, but it has also exposed the dark side of the euthanasia lobby. The lead-up and aftermath of the final vote on November 24 have seen some extraordinary activity and accusations.
The National Civic Council and the Australian Family Association in SA worked solidly to defeat the bill, the campaign being spearheaded by HOPE: Preventing Euthanasia & Assisted Suicide. HOPE is directed by AFA member Paul Russell.
Immediately before the vote, Mr Russell received unsolicited calls and emails from someone calling himself Samuel Birbeck. These communiqués falsely implied that Mr Russell had engaged Birbeck to “rig” an online euthanasia poll. The last email, sent just hours before the vote, stated: “I will expect triple my previously agreed fee to rig these additional two polls.” more

A Good Primer On Eugenics In The US

If you’re not up to speed on eugenics and people with disabilities, this is a good place to start. Of course, I would go further and suggest that we have eugenics of people with disabilities happening n the 21st century in the good ol’ US of A.
When America believed in eugenics
In the second of her series to mark disability history month, Victoria Brignell investigates America's past enthusiasm for eugenics and the profound suffering this inflicted on disabled people.
In the decades following the publication of Darwin's Origin of Species, a craze for eugenics spread not only through Britain but through America as well. Overbreeding by the poor and disabled threatened the quality of the human race, American campaigners warned. Drastic measures must be taken to avert a future catastrophe for humanity.
Amid popular fears about the decline of the national stock, one of the main drives behind the formation of American immigration policy at the end of the 19th century was the desire to exclude disabled people. The first major federal immigration law, the Act of 1882, prohibited entry to any 'lunatic, idiot, or any person unable to take care of himself or herself without becoming a public charge.' more

Busted Final Exit Network Begins Whining In GA

Pro-death group Final Exit got busted by the feds aout a year ago after they allegedly did more than “help” someone die. They, of course, no due n court, are screaming bloody murder (sorry, couldn’t resist) claiming “free speech” no less.
Assisted suicide group wants charges tossed in Ga.
Georgia's high-profile case against four members of an assisted suicide group that helped a cancer-stricken man kill himself may hinge on what defense attorneys say is a fatal flaw in the state law used to prosecute them.
The attorneys for the four Final Exit Network members asked a judge Friday to dismiss charges because Georgia law doesn't actually ban assisted suicide, but rather restricts the group from advertising its services. The attorneys contend the law violates state and federal free speech laws. more

Medical Liability When Withholding Care 2

Here's Part 2 of an interesting piece discussing medical liability in issues surrounding withholding care. Part 1 is below.
Physician Liability: Withdrawing and Withholding Life Sustaining Care From a Conscious, Non Terminal, Incompetent Patients – Part II
There are different standards that must be appreciated and respected before a physician can support a decision to withdraw life sustaining treatment from a non terminal and incompetent patient.
This scenario requires the highest degree of protection for the patient. Our fundamental rights are the most important when we are the most vulnerable. Patients in this category are weak, often confused and subject to the effect of bias and undue influence. When illness requires life sustaining treatment family members may experience sympathy for the patient as well as opportunity to end their burden of caring for the patient. Some family members have said to others: "you have done so much, your life has been put on hold, how can we afford to pay for this care, etc. This can result in a request to withdraw or withhold artificial life support for what may be seen as being in every one's best interest. This often occurs in adult children caring for an elderly parent or spouse. more

Medical Liability When Withholding Care 1

This is a very interesting and informative piece on how the medicos look at legal liability in withholding care. Part II is above.
Withholding Life Sustaining Treatment: Letting the Conscious Non-Terminal, Incompetent, Patient Die: Hold On a Minute - Not So Fast - Part I
It is an injustice to cause patients to unnecessarily prolong the process of dying. Actual futile care must be avoided. But it is equally an injustice to easily acquiesce to patient’s demands that my result in unnecessary death.
On August 17, 2010 the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania decided a case involving a non-terminal, profoundly mentally retarded patient. The patient was conscious and non-terminal. David is 53 years old. David's parents were the guardians. more

Chinese Go Soft On Murder (Ahem . . .Euthanasia)

Here’s classic case of euthanasia, although not carried out by doctors – that is, of murder. But even the Chinese are going easy on this guy. Too bad.
Man in "Euthanasia Case" Given Probation
A Chinese man was given three years probation by a court in southern Shenzhen city on Thursday for his debated "euthanasia efforts" that led to the death of his ailing spouse, the Guangzhou Daily reports.
The Shenzhen People's Intermediate Court convicted 37-year-old Wen Yuzhang of intentional homicide crime and handed down a reprieved three-year jail term, the lightest penalty for the crime. He was also required to compensate 1.28 million yuan ($190,000) to the family of his wife, Hu Jing.
Investigations showed Wen removed the breathing apparatus and blood pressure monitor from his comatose wife who was receiving treatment at an intensive care unit of Shenzhen No.2 Hospital on Feb 16 last year. more

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Sorry, It's Not "Mercy Killing" - It's M-U-R-D-E-R

OK, this is pure media ignorance, at best. This was NOT “mercy killing” no matter what anyone says. It was murder. For starters, if it is considered as mercy killing, then it’s euthanasia, which thankfully, is still a criminal act in the US. If the husband is convicted, I say throw him in the slammer and throw away the key. The end.
Daughter: Murder-suicide in Laguna Woods a mercy killing
LAGUNA WOODS – The motive behind a murder-suicide in the retirement community of Laguna Woods is still unclear, sheriff's officials said, but the daughter of the deceased couple said she believes the cause may have been a mercy killing. more

Euthanasia Debate Surfaces In India

So it goes – India is now awakening to the possibility of euthanasia, especially since the recent Bollywood film that addressed the issue. I’d like to think that the pro-deathers aren’t involved (good, balanced debates are always good, but that’s hardly what the pro-deathers do or want). My experience tells me they probably are.
Should India legalize Euthanasia or Mercy Killing?           
Euthanasia or ‘Mercy Killing’ is a controversial subject, not only because there are many moral dilemmas associated with it, but also in what constitutes its definition.
At the extreme end of disagreement, many are of the opinion that euthanasia, also known as physician assisted suicide or physician aid in dying is a merciful act of dying.
On the other end, there are opponents of euthanasia who believe that this method is a form of murder.
Euthanasia is a controversial issue which has raised its head often. This time the issue has been raised by ‘Guzaarish’, a film directed by Sanjay Leela Bhansali, starring Hrithik Roshan and Aishwarya Rai in the lead roles. more

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Scots Pro-Death MP Puts The Best Face On Defeat Of Her Assisted Suicide Bill

Scot MSP Margo MacDonald, she who has just had her proposed legalization of assisted suicide go down in flames, is already fighting back. She’s trying here to put the bravest face on things, but the truth is the Scots don’t want legalized, medicalized killing.
Margo MacDonald: Assisted suicide bill may have died, but I'll still fight on
So where do we go from here? My Bill on assisted suicide, or dying, which ever way you call it, was comprehensively thumped in the vote last Thursday. I know of four MSPs who would have voted for the Bill to go to the next stage, had they been able to get out of their sickbed, the Borders and other locations furth of Edinburgh. But even if they'd been able to vote, the Bill would still have been heavily defeated by the coalition of convenience that was the parliamentary opposition.
I'm not bitter, because I knew what to expect. Realistically, I calculated between twenty and thirty votes were just possible. I hoped against hope one or two more MSPs might vote to have the Bill subjected to line by line scrutiny, given the public interest in the topic. In the end that counted for nothing when measured against the realities of the end-part of this parliamentary session. more

Pro-Deathers On The March In Montana

The pro-deathers will tell you that assisted suicide is already legal in Montana – not accurate. But they’re at it in Montana again, to finally make it legal and available upon request. These folks never quit, trust me.
Death penalty, physician-assisted suicide bills planned for 2011 Legislature
HELENA - Montana lawmakers soon will be considering bills to ban the death penalty and to allow or forbid physician-assisted suicide when a terminally ill patient requests it. more

Aussie Pro-Deathers: Don't Dare Disagree With Us

Read this piece to the end. It was a meeting to gin up support for having another go at legalizing assisted suicide in Aussie next year. All the usual horror stories of pain, suffering, etc. But notice when someone speaks up against the idea of medicalized killing, the atmosphere gets distinctly chilly.
Voluntary euthanasia supporters share pain
VOLUNTARY euthanasia supporters at a public meeting in Darwin have shared harrowing stories of the deaths of loved ones.
Former Chief Minister Marshall Perron - the architect behind the short-lived NT Rights of the Terminally Ill Act - was guest speaker at the meeting at Darwin City Council on Monday. more

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A New Assisted Suicide Movie For The Sundance Festival

I see there's a submission for next year's Sundance Festival called How to Die in Oregon. I'll bet it'll be even-handed, carefully logical, etc., etc. BUT I'm not going to hold my breath.

An Eloquent Defense Of A Severely Disabled Child

Here’s an eloquent defense of a child with severe disabilities – by a man who, when faced with his newborn son, came to eschew his agreement with Peter Singer, that such children should be killed.
A Life Beyond Reason
My son, August, has a number of quirks that distinguish him from the typically developing 10-year-old. He lives with cerebral palsy, is a spastic quadriplegic, has cortical visual impairment (meaning he is legally blind), is completely nonverbal and cognitively disabled, has a microcephalic head, and must wear a diaper. Moreover, he is immobile—he can't crawl or scoot around or hold himself up or even sit in a chair without being strapped in it. If someone were to put him on the floor and leave him there, he would be in the same location hours later, give or take a foot. more

Aussie Pro-Deather's Make 1984 Seem Truthful!!

Wow. This is outstanding spin by Aussie pro-deathers. Euthanasia needs to be legalized so that people can live longer. Uh-huh. Like getting whacked in the head with a machete will make you feel better.
Legal euthanasia 'could prolong lives'
The architect of the Northern Territory's overturned euthanasia legislation says denying people the right to die is forcing them to take their own lives when they are still relatively healthy. more

"Compassionate Homicide?" What's Next, "Loving Murder?"

If you’re not familiar with the Canadian child-murderer Robert Latimer, this is quite a good informative piece. In this case, I’ve always been shocked how much attention the killer got, and how his little a 12 year-old daughter with severe disabilities, whom he killed in cold blood, has essentially been ignored. Shame on us.
'Compassionate homicide': The law and Robert Latimer
Robert Latimer, a farmer working a spread in Saskatchewan northwest of Saskatoon, killed his 12-year-old daughter Tracy on October 24, 1993. There has never been any doubt about this.
Latimer told police he did it. He said he loved his daughter and could not bear to watch her suffer from a severe form of cerebral palsy. So he placed her in the cab of his Chevy pickup, ran a hose from the exhaust to the cab, climbed into the box of the truck, sat on a tire and watched her die. more

Monday, December 6, 2010

Media Propaganda: Assisted Suicide Is Beautiful And Lovely And Heroic

Classic pro-death media spin about the nobleness of assisted suicide, how beautiful it all was, and how those who aided & abetted him remember him fondly. Very slick pro-deather propaganda, I tell you.
How 2000AD artist and MS sufferer John Hicklenton chose to end his life
Just an hour before, they ate a cheeseburger and drank a coke.
Fingers all greasy, the three of them – the cartoonist, his partner and his best mate – sat in the Swiss sunshine sharing a joke or two. And then, at 11am on a Friday morning, the cartoonist swallowed a drink, sat down on the sofa, held the hands of his partner and his friend and prepared to die. more

Well, My Patient Asked Me To!

Ah, I see. “Your honor, I had no choice but to kill my patient because he asked me to.” Remember what your parents taught you about following your friends in jumping off a bridge??? But then again, this IS Switzerland, after all.
Doctor cleared in assisted suicide case
A high-ranking doctor in the canton of Neuchâtel has been cleared of wrongdoing, after she took the final step in the suicide of a terminally ill patient.
The appeals court in Boudry ruled that Daphné Berner, the canton’s former chief medic, had no choice but to administer a lethal IV transfusion. more

The Truth About The New UK Pro-Death Commission

Pitcher, in the UK, gets it right about the new Brit commission which is pretty much a pro-deather express, and lays out how devious these charlatans are.
Our two Lords leaping into a euthanasia review are like a pair of turkeys reporting on Christmas
I was on radio last week to argue against the two peers who have done most to introduce euthanasia legislation to the UK – Lord Falconer on BBC Radio 5 Live and Lord Joffe on BBC Radio Wiltshire.
Joffe, it seems to me, wants to replace the comprehensive (and independent) House of Lords report that accompanied his own euthanasia bills in 2005 with Falconer’s entirely bogus and just launched “Commission on Assisted Dying” (bogus because it’s simply a euthanasia campaign group in thin disguise). During the course of our radio conversation, Joffe accused me of “inventing” stories. I had just said that Holland euthanised those who could not ask for it, including new-born babies. more

Doctors Increasingly Think Euthanasia OK

Ya think? After constant drumming by the pro-deathers, surprise (not): Many more doctors these days see euthanasia as OK. This from the Journal of Medical Ethics:
In most European countries the attitudes regarding the acceptability of active euthanasia have clearly changed in the population since World War II. . . . Acceptance of active euthanasia increased from 16.3% to 29.1% to 49.5% in the periods from 2001 to 2003/04 to 2008/09. . . . The survey period from 2001 to 2009 reveals a massive change in medical students' attitudes towards active euthanasia under medical supervision. Ethical convictions of medical doctors seem to fall back behind a higher valuation of the autonomy of the patient. more
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