Thursday, May 17, 2012

Sorry, But In Most Places Assisted Suicide Is A Crime

The media keeps harping on people breaking the law by assisting in a suicide as the victims. Nope. You break the aw you get convicted. Plain. Simple.
Assisted suicide or a show of love?
When paramedics arrived at the Purdy home March 20, Margaret was seated in her favorite chair in the living room. The morning sunshine streamed in through a picture window that overlooked a valley. A plastic bag was over her head, tied securely at the neck.
A suicide note in her handwriting was in a folder on her desk, beneath a shelf with books about death and dying. She had written that the pain from her various medical conditions had become unbearable.
Alan Purdy met the paramedics at the door. He said that his 84-year-old wife had taken 30 sleeping pills mixed with applesauce and then suffocated herself.
Please hurry, he recalled telling them. She had donated her body to UC San Diego Medical Center, he said, and they need to harvest her organs for transplant as soon as possible. more

Good Take On Futile Care

Here’s a great piece about futile care by my friend and colleague Wesley Smith.
The Trouble With Futile Care Theory
I was pretty teed off about the Canadian doctors trying to force Hassan Rasouli off of wanted life-sustaining treatment. Then, when I found out that even though they were absolutely wrong in their “certainty” that he would never wake up, they still were considering trying to force him off of treatment, I took to the Daily Caller to describe the case, but more broadly, to warn a popular audience about the danger Futile Care Theory poses to the ethics of medicine and patient autonomy. more

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

More On The Final Exit Network In Minnesota

Here’s more about the indictment of the Final Exit Network in Minnesota. 
Assisted Suicide Group Accused in Death of Apple Valley Woman
Five years after an Apple Valley woman was found dead inside her home, prosecutors now say four people illegally helped her commit suicide. A Dakota County grand jury has also indicted members of a group called "Final Exit Network" in connection with the woman's death.
The new charges have placed Minnesota in the middle of the on-going assisted suicide debate.
The case stems from the death of 57-year-old Doreen Dunn. Those who knew here say she was in obvious pain for years. Her struggle dragged on for years. more

Here's How The Media Supports The Pro-Death Position

Eres a media piece completely in the tank for the pro-deathers, trotting out all the usual arguments.
Eres a media piece completely in the tank for the pro-deathers, trotting out all the usual arguments.
Here's a media piece completely in the tank for the pro-deathers masquerading as a thoughtful "discussion" of the issues.
 The Choice of Life or Death
Doctor assisted suicide, death by choice or dignified death, whatever you chose to call it, it's an issue many are fighting for -- the freedom to choose when and how you die.
It emerges as the most controversial cultural issue in a recent Gallup Poll. Americans are divided 45% to 48% over whether it is morally acceptable or morally wrong.
One Lincoln couple made that choice.
"It's going to be a process, but I get it and I am so ok with it and I am happy they are together," said Kim Miller, the daughter of Carol and Ray Miller. more

Minnesota: Final Ext Network Indicted

The Final Exit Network has been indicted in Minnesota for being involved in the suicide of a woman who suffered from chronic pain.
Legal fight looms in Apple Valley suicide case
A national right-to-die group is headed for a court battle in Dakota County after investigators pieced together evidence linking it to an Apple Valley woman's suicide nearly five years ago.
Dakota County Attorney James Backstrom announced Monday that a local grand jury had indicted the Final Exit Network and four of its members on 17 counts of assisting a suicide and interfering with a death scene. more
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