Saturday, July 2, 2011

Shortage Of Organ Donors Will Lead To More Euthanasia

See, this is how the pressure builds for euthanasia - driven by the medicos (in this instance in the UK), the pleas go out for more organ donors. Of course, in the UK, the law is that you are presumed to be an organ donor unless you officially opt out. In spite of this, the medicos are still whining about not having enough transplantable organs. Where to get more? Well, by helping people die sooner to get them, of course.
Doctors stick with opt-out organ donation policy
Doctors are continuing to support an opt-out system of organ donation following a lively debate at the annual representative meeting.
They voted against reconsidering the current BMA policy of ‘soft’ presumed consent, which considers donation the default position but takes the views of relatives into account. Donation does not proceed if a relative objects, even if the donor is not on an opt-out register. more

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