Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Quebec Looks To Legalize Killing

Well, looks like Quebec is pushing euthanasia pretty hard. As usual, the opposition is playing catch-up.
Activists: Allowing 'medical aid in dying' means euthanasia for Quebec
Activists are pushing back against Parti Quebecois plans to allow what they say will be euthanasia in Quebec under the guise of "medical aid in dying."
The head of the Catholic Organization for Life and Family said plans to introduce legislation are not a surprise because they were part of the Parti Quebecois' platform. more

The Pro-Deathers Push In ireland

The pro-deathers heat up the assisted suicide/euthanasia debate in Ireland.
Right-to-die campaigner won't face charges over suicide
AN Irish assisted-suicide campaigner will not face prosecution over his visit to an elderly multiple sclerosis sufferer (MS) who took a fatal overdose to end her life because there is "insufficient evidence".
Tom Curran, who says he will risk up to 14 years in an Irish prison to assist his partner Marie Fleming -- also a MS sufferer -- to die at a time of her choosing, was interviewed by British police following the death of a wheelchair-bound grandmother of five. Ann Veasey (71) died in August 2011 at her nursing home in Harrogate, North Yorkshire, after she overdosed on pills she had bought online from China. more

UK Hospitals: Killing, Not Caring

This is what the culture of death brings – loved ones keeping a patient alive – in a hospital – after the hospital decided to kill the patient by hydration. Horrific - and true.
A pathway to euthanasia? Family revive father doctors ruled wasn't worth saving
The family of a 48-year-old man have told how they rescued him from dying on the controversial Liverpool Care Pathway by reviving him with drops of water.
Andy Flanagan’s family were told that he was severely brain damaged, had organ failure and was close to death after a cardiac arrest.
They gathered at his bedside to say their goodbyes after the hospital withdrew fluids and said it was going to let him ‘slip away’. more

Belgians Trumpet Euthanizing For Organs

When you legalize killing, callousness soon follows. Here’s a report from Belgium with doctors trumpeting the advantages of euthanizing patients for their organs.
Belgium: Doctor Admits Euthanasia Patients’ Organs Harvested
Deaths from “voluntary euthanasia” in Belgium are approximated at 2 percent, – 2,000 annually. At a recent conference in Brussels, a Belgian doctor reported that organ transplants are being done on euthanized patients and that Belgium leads in this practice.
Dr. Van Raemdonck reported that nine successful lung transplants from “voluntary euthanized” patients have been performed since 2007. more

Monday, October 15, 2012

Slippery Slope? Of Course It Is

Here’s an excellent piece about the dangers of legalizing assisted killing.
The slippery slope of assisted suicide
Proponents of physician-assisted suicide tell us that there is no danger of a slippery slope, that in Oregon the cases are "not that numerous" and are "carefully monitored." I hope that reasonable people will question these claims and reflect further on whether a law with insufficient safeguards is what we want in the commonwealth.
Slippery slope arguments involve small decisions that lead to undesirable outcomes that never would have been supported at the outset. Often, it is impossible to prove that one small step will have significant negative effects, but common sense allows reasonable people to judge the likelihood that a sequence of events that have happened in one place are likely to happen in another place in a similar way. more

Pro-Death Website Blamed For Suicide

Well, yes, if you instruct people on how to kill themselves, then surely you bear some responsibility when they do so.
MS sufferer killed herself after visit from 'Dr Death' euthanasia website
A woman suffering from multiple sclerosis took a fatal overdose after a suicide website sent an advocate to her care home to discuss euthanasia.Wheelchair-bound Anne Veasey, 71, died at the nursing home where she lived on August 1 last year after she overdosed on pentobarbital she had bought on the internet.
An inquest heard that Mrs Veasey's health had been deteriorating, she had money worries and had been diagnosed with depression. more
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