Monday, February 22, 2010

Ethical Disability: Storing Things in Freezers

Well, this just out . . . Many issues to talk about ethically, but certainly we can all agree that storing frozen fetuses is probably a poor ethical decision.
It's also more than a little creepy. The piece speculates that the frozen fetuses might have been the result of illegal abortion procedures. Well see.
Again, can we all agree that this is very darkly macabre?
From the report:
Philadelphia and Federal authorities raided a doctor's office after a woman died during an abortion and made a shocking discovery: more than two dozens frozen fetuses.
And later:
Sources also told Eyewitness News that during the search, investigators recovered more than two dozen fetuses stored in a freezer, some dating back 30 years.
The fetuses are now being analyzed to reveal if illegal late-term abortions may have been performed.
At the very least, questionable . . . 

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