Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Not Everyone in the UK Thinks Legalized Assisted Suicide is a Good Idea

The UK has been battered for the last several years by calls for legalizing assisted suicide. This has been especially forceful through the assisted suicide advocacy of Debbie Purdy, a woman with MS who engaged in a public campaign forcing the hand of the Brit legal system to issue  a "clarification" on whether people who helped others commit suicide would actually be prosecuted under Brit law, wherein in are provisions for doing so.

The "clarification" is due to be made public tomorrow. Ahead of tomorrow's decision, PM Gordon Brown has publicly declared that assisted suicide should not be legalized.
Here's a refreshing take on Purdy's latest pronouncements from the Telegraph:
Prime Minister Gordon Brown writes in the Telegraph today that assisted suicide must never be legalised. And he makes the very strong point that the Director of Public Prosecutions’ guidelines on when someone assisting a suicide may expect not to be prosecuted, published tomorrow, make the case for a change in the law on euthanasia becomes much weaker, because all the acceptable compassionate circumstances surrounding an assisted death will be clear and accountable – and those not meeting them can expect up to 14 years in jail under the Suicide Act if they don’t satisfy all of them. more

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