Monday, August 29, 2011

Assisting In A Suicide Punished In China

This is a rare report from China, where a man assisting in a suicide is jailed. Of curse, we only have his word that his intentions were honorable - his friend is dead, so we'll never know if there were other reasons for this death.
Farmer jailed for assisting suicide triggers controversy
Zhong Yichun, an elderly farmer from east China's Jiangxi Province, never expected that helping his friend Zeng Qingxiang to commit suicide would bring him a two-year prison sentence.
Zhong buried Zeng last October as part of an agreement they made regarding Zeng's suicide. Zeng overdosed on sleeping pills and laid in a hole in the ground; Zhong called out to him 15 minutes later to ensure that he was dead before burying him.
A police investigation showed that Zeng suffered from a mental illness and had begged Zhong to help him commit suicide several times. more

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