Monday, August 29, 2011

No Longer Calling For Assisted Suicide - Now For "Merciful" Murder

People who think that assisted suicide/euthanasia for anyone is not a slippery slope should read this - a wife insisting she be allowed to kill her husband who has locked-in syndrome. Yes, assisted suicide is not an option (husband can't take poison offered to him by another) and the wife is giving short shrift to euthanasia, which essentially would be killing the husband by a doctor. Solution? Why murder, of course.
Stroke victim pleads for death sentence
. . . Today, Tony and Jane Nicklinson will celebrate their silver wedding anniversary. Not that Tony has remembered. "Typical bloke," Jane says, leaning over him. She could forgive him, though. The date now has a competing significance. It is also the day, last year, when Jane began her fight for the legal right to kill him. more

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