Thursday, August 23, 2012

Argentina Comatose Man May Be Euthanized

Here’s an Argentinean case that we’ve seen play out all across the world – people trying to kill a comatose man, others in fierce opposition.
Argentinean bishop condemns euthanasia for patient in coma
Bishop Virginio Bressanelli of Neuquen, Argentina has called for the life of 45-year-old Marcelo Diez, who has been in a coma since a 1994 traffic accident, to be spared.
“We are dealing with the mystery of the life of a brother over which no third party can claim ownership or absolute authority,” the bishop said in an Aug. 15 statement.
“From a human point of view, it is a life that we must respect, care for and sustain until his condition is reversed, as his parents were hoping, or until his journey comes to a natural end.”
Bishop Bressanelli made his statement in response to efforts by local attorney José Gerez, on behalf of Diez's sisters, to have the patient's hydration and nutrition removed. more

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