Thursday, August 23, 2012

New Mexico Pushes To define Assisted Suicide

A few doctors started pushing the envelope in New Mexico about a year ago and guess what? We now have a court case asking the state to define assisted suicide. I don’t think this is some form of altruism on the part of these doctors – just the regular pro-death variety.
Assisted suicide: New Mexico court asked to redefine the term
The question before the court in New Mexico is absurdly simple and yet impossibly complex. What is the meaning of "assisting suicide"?
If a terminally ill patient refuses a ventilator or a feeding tube and the physician yields to that decision, is that assisting suicide? If the patient is in excruciating pain and requests total sedation and no nutrition or fluids, can the doctor be held accountable for his death? What if the patient seeks a prescription from her physician so that when the pain of dying is overwhelming she can seek the ultimate relief on her own? more

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