Thursday, May 26, 2011

UK Doctor Aids & Abets Assisted Suicide

Daniel James was a 20-something young man who was paralyzed after a rugby accident. He went to Swiss death clinic Dignitas where he underwent assisted killing. Now it comes to light that his UK doctor knew what he was planning and essentially disobeyed British law by not telling authorities. The doctor needn't worry, though. While it's still illegal in the UK to assist in a killing, everyone is turning a blind eye.
Daniel James' GP knew he would go to Dignitas but did not tell police
Detectives who investigated the case of Daniel James said that his GP witnessed a formal declaration of his intentions two weeks before he died at the Dignitas centre in Zurich.
But police were only alerted on the day that Daniel flew to Switzerland with his parents, too late to attempt to convince him to change his plans, because the doctor wanted to preserve “patient confidentiality”. more

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