Saturday, May 14, 2011

UK Pro-Deathers Plan A Suicide Hotline To Help People Die

So it goes - the UK pro-deathers keep pushing the envelope with an announcement that they'll be starting a very different kind of suicide hotline - to actually give people info that will make killing themselves easier. I hope I'm wrong, but I think the UK will legalize euthanasia in the not too distant future.
Euthanasia group to launch assisted suicide info hotline
A euthanasia advocacy group has announced it will open a suicide hotline – but one unlike any other suicide hotline that currently exists, which typically offer a sympathetic ear and seek to convince those brought to the brink of despair not to take their own lives.
Compassion in Dying, an offshoot of the campaign group Dignity in Dying, said that it will instead be setting up the telephone line that will dispense information for those wishing to commit suicide on their legal rights. more

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