Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Texas Opponents Of Futile Care Put Up A Fight

The idea of futile care is simple: Money should be spent on people who can get better. Unfortunately it's permeated our laws, especially in Texas where futile care law was passed in 1999. It's been a disaster, and opponents are fighting ferociously to have it changed.
Sensitive topic of futile medical care faces long road in Legislature
For the fourth consecutive session, Texas legislators are struggling with the delicate issue of how and when doctors can allow patients to die by withholding life-sustaining treatment against the wishes of family members.
It's a nuanced, difficult question that can be ill-suited to the blunt-force nature of lawmaking.
And true to form, tackling the issue this legislative session has split allies, produced odd political alliances and resulted, thus far, in a stalemate. more

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