Tuesday, May 17, 2011

More Pro-Deather Pressure In The UK

Pressure keeps mounting in the UK for legalizing assisted suicide using the old argument that people shouldn't have to go to other countries to be killed.
Daughter of former Bath GP in plea for talks on assisted death
The daughter of a doctor who travelled to Zurich for an assisted death has urged the government to hold a full and frank debate on the issue.
Dr Anne Turner, a former GP in Bath, decided to end her life after being diagnosed with the degenerative neurological disease PSP.
She had watched her husband die from a similar condition and went to the Dignitas clinic in Zurich to end her life.
Dr Turner's daughter Sophie Pandit, 46, took her mother to the clinic for an assisted death in 2006.
"If she had not had this option there is no doubt she would have tried to do something herself," said Mrs Pandit, a patron of campaign group Dignity in Dying. more

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