Sunday, May 15, 2011

Pro-Deather Spin - Laws Against Assisted Suicide Create Misery

Now, I don't want to appear insensitive of the pain of losing a spouse, but these pro-deather sob stories are getting a little irritating. Here's why: It's not about the tragedy of losing a loved one, but the spin of supposedly about how bad assisted suicide laws are abusing sick people.
Chris Broad interview: I would have liked to have held my wife’s hand as she slipped away
On July last year former cricketer Chris Broad kissed his wife, Michelle, goodnight. He then went to the spare room and tried to sleep, knowing that by morning she would be dead. “I would have liked to give her some support,” he says with a steadiness one can see has been painfully acquired through much crying. “Having shared a life I would have liked to have held her hand as she passed away.” more

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