Monday, February 27, 2012

Canadians Looking To Dutch "Reasonableness" On Euthanasia

Canadians looking to the Netherlands as the definitive source of euthanasia reasonableness is like chickens asking the fox for advice on staying alive.
Euthanasia supporters, critics in Canada look to Dutch for evidence
Six "mobile euthanasia units" will become available in the Netherlands, starting March 1, to zip around this tiny and remarkably liberal country to help Dutch citizens facing an "unbearable" and "hopeless" medical situation die in their homes.
A group of prominent citizens, meanwhile, has been lobbying since 2009 for a major expansion in the scope of Dutch assisted-death laws, allowing older people who are "tired of living" but have no serious medical problem to end it all without the involvement of a physician.
To social conservatives around the world, including in Canada where court challenges in B.C. and Quebec seek to declare the euthanasia ban unconstitutional, these are but two of the many examples of a dangerous "slippery slope" for any country that opens the door even a crack on this touchy matter. more

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