Thursday, February 16, 2012

Aussie Man Convicted Of Assisted Suicide - New Pro-Death Poster Person?

Mmmmm . . . Man gets convicted for aiding a suicide, gets sentenced. Prediction: He’ll become the new poster person for the pro-death movement in Australia.
Teacher Merin Nielsen jailed for assisting suicide of elderly friend
Merin Nielsen has been jailed for helping his elderly friend, Frank Ward, die by taking an animal anaesthetic Source: The Courier-Mail
A TEACHER today became the first Queenslander to be jailed for aiding a suicide after he was convicted of helping his elderly friend to die by taking an animal anaesthetic.
Justice Jean Dalton sentenced Merin Nielsen, 50, to three years' jail, ordering he be released on parole on August 15.
In a Queensland first, a Supreme Court jury in Brisbane took 2 1/2 days to find Nielsen, 50, of Mt Nebo, guilty of aiding Frank Ward, 76, to kill himself at Clayfield on June 20, 2009. more

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