Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Current State Of Law In Aussie Around Pro-Death Issues

Here's a commentary on the current state of Aussie law related to assisted suicide and euthanasia and referencing the current case against Herbert Erickson killing his wife and then claiming it was a “mercy killing.”
Law lags in euthanasia debate
It is a heart-wrenching scenario. A loved one is either terminally ill or afflicted with a chronic disease so debilitating that they have little or no quality of life.
In earlier times, when the person was lucid and in better health, a pact was made that should this situation arise, their suffering and indignity would be brought to an end at the hands of their beloved.
It is an unenviable dilemma. It is a decision clouded by emotion and fraught with desperation.
Debate over "mercy" killings and the vexed issue of euthanasia laws has resurfaced recently in the wake of a murder charge against an 81-year-old Perth man accused of killing his partner of more than 50 years.
Herbert Bernard Erickson is alleged to have smothered Julie Betty Khun with a pillow at the couple's Armadale home in January. more

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