Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Netherlands: Mobile Killing Units To Begin Next Week

Whee!! Mobile euthanasia comes to the Netherlands. Still want to deny the ol’ slippery slope???
'Euthanasia on wheels' starts next month
Six specialised euthanasia teams consisting of one doctor and one nurse will begin making house calls in the Netherlands next month.
Right to Die NL (NVVE) says the teams will visit people who want to end their lives and are eligible for euthanasia under Dutch law, but whose wishes are being thwarted. Such situations can occur when, for instance, doctors refuse to take requests for euthanasia seriously.
The NVVE will open an ‘end-of-life clinic’ in The Hague on 1 March. People not able to have euthanasia administered at home by their family doctors will be able to end their lives at the clinic from around mid-2012. more

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