Monday, February 20, 2012

UK: Assisted Suicide As A Loving Act

These stories are disturbing, but this is not the first: A parent admits that a son whio committed suicide did so with her loving blessing. Yes, indeed, killing is love.
I let my son end his life because I love him
Yvonne Colgan, from Newcastle, Staffordshire mother of AndrewCavendish
After her son narrowly survived his second suicide attempt, Yvonne Colgan felt like she’d been pushed to levels of stress most mothers never have to endure.
Indeed she was so afraid Andrew, 42, would go to any lengths to take his own life that she’d check his car was safely parked outside his house every morning and afternoon.
Marine biologist Andrew Colgan had suffered from multiple sclerosis and neuralgia for 10 years, and as his health deteriorated and he was plagued with pain and restricted to a wheelchair, his desire to end his life grew.
He tried twice to commit suicide with drug overdoses, and eventually told his family he’d booked himself in to a clinic in Switzerland in just six weeks’ time, where he would drink a lethal concoction designed to kill him. more

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