Sunday, May 6, 2012

The "Assisted Suicide Defense"

This report makes a point I keep hammering home: After an ”assisted suicide” the only word we have that it was an assisted suicide is from the killer because the victim is dead. “Assisted suicide” or murder? We’ll never know.
Assisted suicide or murder?
You may recall a very unusual murder case in New York last year. A well-known motivational speaker, Jeffrey Locker, hired a drug addict, Kenneth Minor, to stab him to death. Mr Minor was sentenced to 20 years to life. Further details of the bizarre story were revealed last week on the CBS show 48 Hours Mystery.
The intriguing feature of this drab story of murder, drug addiction and fraud was that Mr Minor insists that he was assisting in a suicide. Locker was deeply in debt and full of shame and wanted to end it all. But he also wanted his family to collect his life insurance –and they wouldn’t if he committed suicide. So he hired Minor to kill him. "I just happened to be the building he jumped off. It wasn't murder," Minor told CBS. more

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