Sunday, May 13, 2012

Tired Of Living? Why, Assisted Suicide Of Course

No surprise here – the Swiss got the Idea from the Dutch – that they should die because they are simply tired of living. What kind of an environment makes people want to die because they’re just tired of living?
World-weary Swiss seniors seek suicide help
New figures show that more and more Swiss seniors are taking advantage of assisted suicide even when they do not suffer from any terminal diseases.
The latest reports from Exit, the organization that offers assisted suicide to the Swiss, show that one in every five French speakers and one in every three German speakers opting for assisted suicide are not suffering from a life-threatening illness, newspaper Tribune de Genève reported.
This section of the elderly are coming forward in ever increasing numbers, citing “weariness of life” together with a bad bill of health as the main reason for the decision. Although not terminal, many suffer from debilitating health, with incurable problems such as blindness, incontinence and mobility issues greatly reducing quality of life. more

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