Sunday, May 6, 2012

Death Panels? Of Course!!

The Texas futility law has been in place for quite a while and continues to contribute to the medicalized death of people with severe medical disabilities.
Is the Texas Medical Futility Act a real-life "death panel"?
A patient identified only as "Willie" was denied nourishment and died in a Houston hospital last month, according to Texas Right to Life. Willie went to seek help a few weeks ago after experiencing chest pains; doctors found pneumonia and leukemia. Apparently, he slipped into a coma following surgery, and the doctor and hospital ethics board determined further care would be futile, giving the family 10 days to find another facility to treat him.
Though he had plenty of insurance, no other facility would accept him. After the legally required 10 days, the hospital ended nourishment.
He was "dehydrated and starved to death completely against the family's desire,” said Texas Right to Life’s Elizabeth Graham. more

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