Friday, May 4, 2012

More On The Massachusetts Assisted Suicide Ballot Initiative

Here’s a fairly balanced piece on the Massachusetts assisted suicide ballot initiative.
CT Golden Years: Euthanasia, Death Penalty for Connecticut’s Seniors?
In April Connecticut officially abolished the death penalty for people convicted of murder, making it the 17th US state to do so, even though a majority of state residents wanted to keep it intact.
But as one class of residents gets a reprieve, another class may be vulnerable to continuing efforts across the country to deprive them of life, quite possibly without their knowledge or consent.
Thus far only two states, Oregon and Washington, permit euthanasia – defined as “mercy killing” of a person who is terminally ill and in great pain – but efforts to convince voters in other states to change the laws are ongoing including a current initiative next door in Massachusetts. The phrase “physician assisted suicide” also is used to define the act of taking a sick person’s life. more

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