Sunday, May 13, 2012

NZ Convict Gets A Hero's Welcome - Ugh

Oh please, gag me . . . Sean Davison, the New Zealander who helped kill his mother and was convicted for the act, is back in his resident South Africa – to a hero’s welcome. What does that say about the South African mindset? (Clue: Its not good).
University gives euthanasia campaigner warm welcome
MUCH loved, well respected and sorely missed.
That’s the picture painted by students of Sean Davison, the head of the University of the Western Cape’s DNA forensics laboratory, who helped his terminally ill mother die.
Davison returned home a week ago after serving five months’ home detention in his native New Zealand. Yesterday, on his first day back at work, UWC welcomed him with open arms.
Immediately after entering the Life Sciences building it became clear how well regarded Davison was, as he was greeted with warm words, hugs and enquiries about his well-being. more

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