Monday, August 30, 2010

Here's Why We Shouldn't Kill People In Persistent Non-Responsive States

Here’s the perfect example against the pro-deather clamor to euthanize people who are in non-responsive states – because they sometimes get better.
Pensioner tells how he beat "locked in" syndrome after massive stroke
A stroke victim has told how he amazed doctors by overcoming "locked-in" syndrome in a case that raises questions for the assisted suicide debate.
Graham Miles, 66, said that through sheer willpower he regained the use of his body after he was left completely paralysed except for his eyes by a stroke in the stem of the brain which connects it to the body.
His recovery is such that he can now walk, talk and even races cars.
But while it has amazed doctors and his family and friends, it has also reopened the debate about assisted suicides and the assumption that completely paralysed patients can never recover. more

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