Friday, August 27, 2010

The Next Aussie Pro-Death Spin Will Be For Merin Nielsen

I’ll bet my bottom dollar that when Aussie Merin Nielsen goes to trial for assisting in a suicide, the pro-deathers will be howling that he’s really a hero, not a potential criminal. They’ll spin it into Nielsen being a brave champion of the cause rather than as a lawbreaker. Trust me on this one.
Man to face trial over assisted suicide allegations
A man accused of helping a friend to take his own life will face trial in the Supreme Court in Brisbane.
The body of Frank Ward, 76, was found in his Clayfield unit last year. He had consumed a large quantity of pentobarbital which is used to euthanase animals.
Merin Nielsen, 49, was charged with aiding a suicide and importing a controlled drug. more

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