Friday, August 27, 2010

Some Sanity From The Montreal Gazette

As the drumbeat for assisted suicide in Quebec keeps growing, the Montreal Gazette has a good counter argument.
No to euthanasia
The call for legalized euthanasia is fuelled by fear of having to endure a meaningless existence suffering intolerable pain.
The problem of pain and the pursuit of the meaning of life are serious issues which elude simplistic solutions. Euthanasia is a technocratic response to these problems, one which offers at best the illusion of an answer, which is in fact no answer at all but rather an admission either that there is no answer or that we are not interested in pursuing it.
It is particularly worrisome that the Quebec government would hold hearings into the legalization of euthanasia at the same time that it is publicly worrying about the cost of health care. more

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