Monday, August 30, 2010

An Exemplar Of Pro-Deather Spin

This is the pro-deather line – we need euthanasia because otherwise we’ll all be drooling, half conscious, pain-maddened incontinents. It’s a fairly convoluted piece, but the intent is clear – euthanasia now.
Why patients have nothing to fear from Godless doctors
According to a new report, doctors are influenced by their religious faith or lack of it in deciding how to treat terminally ill patients.
The medical sociologist who compiled the report for the British Medical Journal, Professor Clive Seale, found that non-religious doctors are twice as likely as religious ones to administer treatments either intended or expected to shorten the lives of terminally ill patients.
Coverage of the report illustrated that headline writers are as influenced as doctors by their beliefs. Some wrote, “Atheist doctors are more likely to hasten death”, where they might equally have written: “Religious doctors prolong the agonies of the dying.” Neither headline explains the finding of the report adequately, and neither advances the cause of understanding the right way to think about care of the terminally ill.
"I should, first, declare an interest. I am a patron of Dignity In Dying, an organisation devoted to promoting the right of people to receive medical help to die if they express a clear and settled wish for it. Dignity In Dying used to be called the Voluntary Euthanasia Society: “euthanasia” means “a good death”, and “voluntary” means that a person’s choice to end his or her own life is willingly and clear-mindedly made. more

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