Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Opposition To Quebecois Push For legal Euthanasia

A readers of this news blog know, there’s a massive push in Quebec for legalizing euthanasia and assisted suicide. This piece is a logical and clear dissent. It’s a good read.
Judging the value of a life: The fact is that most people, whatever their condition, don’t want to die
According to a recent Léger Marketing survey, an extraordinarily high proportion of Quebeckers – 71 per cent – favour decriminalizing euthanasia and assisted suicide. This, in a province that’s been the major bastion of Catholicism in North America for so many decades. The question is so complex, and so deeply fraught with moral issues and potential abuses, that it’s difficult to understand why so many people can opt for a radical solution without being, at least, a little anxious about the consequences of their choice. more

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