Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Sadness Of Being Killed At Dignitas

Here’s the final blog post of one Tommy, 93, having arrived at Dignitas in Switzerland to commit assisted suicide. Read it carefully. It’s matter-of-fact, and rather stoic. It’s also incredibly sad that a man of 93 years is all alone hours before being killed, and the good ol’ “stiff upper lip” is clear. What a contrast from dying naturally surrounded by loved ones without the cold, impersonal killing clinic and strangers who are more than happy to help you kick the bucket.
Well chaps, here I am in Switzerland with just a few hours to go. I thought I would share some last thoughts with you.
Firstly, terminal prostate cancer stings a bit. Get checked and get checked regularly.
Secondly, don't believe all this "I will live my life my way because when it ends I will be happy I smoked, drank and ate all the pies", because you won't be happy. This is the only life I have and I am not happy it is about to end. more

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