Thursday, September 1, 2011

India: Man Asks For Euthanasia To End Harassment

Here's an unusual euthanasia request - an Indian man who has been exposing corruption feels that he is being so severely harassed that euthanasia seems a viable alternative. I'll bet he got the idea from India's recent legislation that opens the door for euthanasia
Kolar: Harassed Complainant in Sampangi Bribery Case Seeks Euthanasia
Kolar, Aug 31: Hussain Farooq, who had complained to the Lokayukta and got KGF MLA, Y Sampangi, arrested by the Lokayukta police red-handed about 30 months back, feels hounded and harassed after a prolonged battle. He now says that a feeling that he had committed a mistake by trying to bring corrupt practices in the open, has been sinking in. Through a petition sent to the President of India, he has sought permission for euthanasia, to get liberty from the problems he faces now. more

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