Tuesday, September 20, 2011

UK: Pro-Death TV Soap Up For Awards

So it goes. Popular UK TV show devises an assisted sucide line, now several of the show's actors up for awards for their portrayal. These kinds of accolades will mean assisted suicide (and euthanasia) will become increasingly accepted as the norm.
Emmerdale's controversial suicide stars up for Inside Soap award
The death of Jackson Walsh, who had been left paralysed in an accident on the ITV1 soap, was played out in emotional scenes as he was helped to die by his mother Hazel Rhodes and boyfriend Aaron Livesy.
Quirke and Miller, who play Hazel and Aaron in Emmerdale, have now been nominated for Best Actress and Best Actor respectively, with Miller also up for the Best Dramatic Performance gong for his role in Jackson's Choice. more

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