Friday, September 30, 2011

Pro-Deather Spin: Helping To Kill = "Joy"

There's a few very disturbing things in this piece, especially the spin linking "choice" to die with a lower "quality of life." Oh, yes, and how a son helping kill his mother turned out to have a "moment of joy." See? Dying equals happiness!! We're in deep trouble, folks.
South African prosecuted for helping his mother to die
Sean Davison with his mother Patricia, who asked him for help to die as she reached the end of her life.
As the sun set over the bay Sean Davison crushed "a good dozen" morphine tablets. Mixing the powder into a glass of water, he told his cancer-ravaged mother: "If you drink this you will die." Six hours later, on 25 October 2006, his mother did die, in her sleep, at the age of 85. "It was a moment of joy," Davison said.
It is Davison's candidness about helping his mother die that has exposed him to death threats, split his family and on 26 October will see him stand trial in New Zealand on a charge of attempted murder. more

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