Wednesday, September 7, 2011

UK: Way Down The Slippery Slope To Death On Demand

For years the pro-death crowd has insisted that assisted sucide is only for terminally ill people. That, of course, has morphed into assisted sucide for a whole bunch of other people - certainly even for those who are not terminally ill. Now this is becoming the norm. The UK's Dr. Death, Michael Irwin, has announced that he will be accompanying a 91-year-old who has no terminal illness to Swiss death clinic Dignitas. Irwin refuses to disclose the identity of the woman. Question: How do we know there's not something nefarious going on here? Answer: we don't, and probably never will.
Hove Dr Death plans to take "healthy" Eastbourne 91 year old to suicide clinic
A euthanasia campaigner nicknamed Dr Death has said he is preparing to take a Sussex woman abroad to be helped to die.
Michael Irwin said he is expecting to escort the 91-year-old – who does not have a terminal illness – to Switzerland’s Dignitas clinic in the next few months. more

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