Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Euthanasia Now Part Of Belgian Medical Routine

Well, no shock here – if you legalize euthanasia, guess what? Patients ask for it. Pro-deathers rule in Belgium.
Euthanasia: from ethical debate to clinical reality
The study by PARDON et al. [4] is the first disease-specific study on euthanasia and end-of-life decisions. The authors demonstrate that euthanasia is not an exception and is part of the end-of-life decision process in lung cancer in one of the few European countries, including Belgium and the Netherlands, where euthanasia is legally accepted under certain conditions. This study underlines the need for an integrative approach of specialists and general practitioners in charge of these patients not only at diagnosis and during active treatment but also when palliative care and symptom control are the only way of helping the patient. more

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