Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Tragedy Used For Pro-Death Media Spin

Here’s another report from the UK in the pro-death tank. These are tragic stories to be sure, but not only for the reasons in the story. The real tragedy is that people see ending their lives as the only alternative to living with debilitating and terminal illness.
'His last wish was to die at home': Fury of mother who watched her husband die months after their daughter's suicide
Landscape gardener Patrick Norfolk had one last wish as the debilitating physical condition that had plagued him for years entered its final, terrible stages. He wanted to die in his garden among the flowers and plants he  had tended for decades, surrounded by his family.
Patrick, 65, had been left a shell of his former independent, physically active self by motor neurone disease – an incurable illness that wreaks havoc on the nervous system and causes muscles to waste away.
Overwhelmed by the disease’s relentless onslaught, Patrick did indeed try to take his own life at his home. But the attempt was unsuccessful and – unable to seek help from his wife Anne or anyone else because of Britain’s laws on assisted suicide – he took the agonising decision to end his life at the Dignitas clinic in Switzerland. more

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