Monday, October 1, 2012

More On NJ Assisted Suicide Bill

Here’s more on the New Jersey proposal to legalize assisted suicide.
New Jersey Bill Would Make State Third With Assisted Suicide
Pro-life groups are very concerned about a bill that has been introduced in the New Jersey state legislature that would make the state the third, following Oregon and Washington, to legalize assisted suicide.
Bill A3328 seeking voter approval to legalize physician assisted suicide has been introduced this week by Democrat Assemblyman John Burzichelli, a Democrat. The bill is called the NJ Death With Dignity Act” and it would allow an adult resident in New Jersey, who has the capacity to make health care decisions and who has been determined by that individual’s attending and consulting physicians to be suffering from a terminal disease that will cause death within six months, to obtain medication that the patient may self-administer to end his life.
Marie Tasy, the director of New Jersey Right to Life, told LifeNews her group strongly opposes the measure, saying, “We vigorously oppose this bill and urge rejection of the bill.” more

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