Monday, October 1, 2012

Medicalized Death Stalks Netherlands' Patients

At this point in time, the dire news from the Netherlands is hardly shocking. It’s just as many of us have predicted – they’re killing more and more patients in more novel ways and more of these deaths are going unreported. Aren’t we ever so lucky?
Dutch Euthanasia Preys on Mentally Ill, Psychiatric Patients
According to Dutch media reports today, euthanasia deaths in the Netherlands in 2011 increased by 18% to 3,695. This follows increases of 13% in 2009 and 19% in 2010.
In fact from 2006 to 2011 there has been a steady increase in numbers each year with successive annual deaths at 1923, 2120, 2331, 2636, 3136 and 3695.
Euthanasia now accounts for 2.8% of all Dutch deaths.
In addition euthanasia for people with early dementia doubled to 49 last year and 13 psychiatric patients were euthanized, an increase of over 500% on the two reported in 2010. more

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