Tuesday, October 2, 2012

More Pro-Death Media Spin In A Canadian Tragedy

Here’s more pro-death spin and awfulizing, this time from Canada.
Assisted-suicide advocate’s resolve bolstered by terminally ill friend’s early death
Meg Westley witnessed two people die.
One died painfully and slowly of the cancer ravaging her body.
Another was relatively well, but decided to hasten his death before Huntington’s disease took its terrible toll.
Both, she believes, were abandoned by Canada’s ban on assisted suicide.
“I think it’s barbaric that even though people want to go, we let them suffer on,” said Westley, a University of Waterloo communications professor and president of the right-to-die advocacy group Dying with Dignity.
“It is about compassion,” she said. “Give them the assistance so they don’t have to suffer if that’s their choice.”
Westley saw the devastating effect of not having a choice in Nagui Morcos. The Toronto man chose to end his life this spring to avoid an agonizing death from Huntington’s, the degenerative and incurable nerve disease that he watched claim his father. more

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