Monday, October 1, 2012

Rich: Kill Your Kid And Then Blame Others For It

Making someone die of thirst and starvation is barbaric. Don’t buy the line spun here that there was no alternative (ergo, we must legalize assisted suicide). This mother chose to kill her son in this way, and she should therefore bear the responsibility of the horror that followed.
Joanne Dunn's euthanasia plea after son Mark Leigep wastes away
FOR 26 days, Joanne Dunn lived a nightmare beside her son in hospital, watching him starve to death.
It was her only legal choice, despite her son Mark Leigep being in an unresponsive and persistent vegetative state since suffering head injuries in a March 2006 car crash.
"If it happened in one day, with an injection, all of the family could have been there," she said.
"Instead, I had to watch him die and waste away for nearly four weeks." more

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