Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Jeck Kevorkian Rises From The Ashes

This is a review of a new book just out about one of Jack Kevorkian’s many victims. It’s heartbreakingly sad. However, I don’t think it justifies assisted suicide.
Acts of mercy ... A horrific football injury, an assisted suicide by Dr. Jack Kevorkian and a family trying to spare others
It’s getting toward noon on an early autumn morning as 50-year-old Jim Miley steps out from his rundown ranch house and into the sunshine, a rusty horseshoe hanging next to the front door. He found it behind the house and put it up for good luck. It hasn’t worked all that well, but Miley wants to believe that might change, that a lot of things might change.
Maybe he can’t do anything about what happened to his brother on that football field all those years ago, or about the way he sabotaged his own shot to play pro baseball.
But who says he can’t do something about what happens today, or tomorrow? more

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