Tuesday, October 9, 2012

India Moves Closer To Legalized Killing

As with Quebec, India moves closer to legalizing medicalized killing.
Passive euthanasia gets law panel push
The Law Commission has made a recommendation to the government to initiate measures to enact a comprehensive law on passive euthanasia, subject to certain safeguards. “It’s not objectionable from a legal and constitutional point of view,” the commission, which advises the government on legal issues, said.
In April 2011, the UPA government had asked the commission to study the feasibility of framing a law for euthanasia after the SC in the Aruna Shanbaug case legalised passive euthanasia and said its verdict will be the law of the land until Parliament enacted a law on the issue.
“(It’s) desirable to enact a law on the lines suggested by the commission at the earliest, so that uncertainty may be resolved and the procedure prescribed by the SC may be refined,” Justice PV Reddi, the commission’s chairman said in a communication to the law minister Salman Khurshid.
In an earlier report too, the commission had recommended legalising passive euthanasia. more

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