Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Canadian Pro-Deather Spin Getting Tiresome

Ho-hum, another plea for assisted suicide and/or euthanasia to be legalized in Canada. I'm starting to get really tired of the spin that if legalized, that it's possible to regulate how people will be killed. Just look at the Nertherlands and Belgium, where despite all their efforts at regulation and "transparency" hundreds are killed without their permission  or request. It will be no different in Canada if the killing is ever legalized there.
It's time for us to discuss the right to die
Almost a year after Bernice Levitz Packford left us, she is still prompting us to think about what is right and wrong, and about life and death.
Packford took her own life. She was 95, she was tired, and she was ready to go. She declared her desire to die in a letter to the Times Colonist in February 2010, sparking talk throughout the community about the pros and cons of assisted suicide.
One month later she overdosed on hydromorphone, a powerful prescription painkiller, in her Fairfield home. A coroner's report concluded that Packford committed suicide.
Anyone who was found to have helped her, or even counselled her to carry out her suicide, could face charges under the Criminal Code of Canada, punishable by up to 14 years in prison. Victoria police investigated her death and decided Packford had not been assisted. more

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