Friday, February 18, 2011

Pro-Death Group Advertises In Ohio

The Final Exit Network is at it again with their pro-deather billboards, this time in Ohio. This is the same pro-death outfit whose senior membership is awaiting trial on assisted murder charges in Georgia. Gotta give them points for chutzpah, though.
Cleveland billboard promotes 'death with dignity' Opponents question where Final Exit Network is heading
The Final Exit Network billboard on I-77 near the East 30th exit in Cleveland. The backers say the campaign is intended to create dialogue, opponents fear assisted suicide is the group's political goal.
Commuters heading into Cleveland on I-77 are seeing an exit sign this month that won’t take them downtown. A highway billboard from the Final Exit Network is promoting ‘death with dignity’ as part of a national campaign. Opponents say the billboard could lead Ohioans toward assisted suicide or worse. more

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