Thursday, February 24, 2011

Opposition To Assisted Suicide Collapses In Brit National Health Care Service

So the Brit dominoes continue to fall. Now the UK's National Health Service has declared that it's not opposed to assisted suicide. The NHS, as you know, controls health care in the UK. Something is seriously, seriously wrong when medicos formally see assisted suicide as part of "health care."
NHS chiefs back calls to reform assisted suicide law
One of England’s largest health authorities has said it is not opposed to assisted suicide and called for a change in the law to give patients more “choice” over how they die.
The current law, under which helping someone commit suicide is illegal, is not fit for the 21st century, according to the West Midlands NHS Strategic Health Authority.
Pauline Smith, the end of life care lead for the region, said it was “not good enough” that only those who could afford to travel to Dignitas suicide clinics in Switzerland were able to control their own deaths.
Her comments will be seen as a boost for the right to die campaign, as West Midlands has become the first health authority to back calls for a change in the law to date. more

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