Tuesday, February 15, 2011

UK Assisted Suicide Commission Funded By The Pro-Deathers

If you ever thought that the Falconer Commission on assisted suicide in the UK is an independent, impartial group, read this. The entire Commission is funded by the pro-deathers. Gee, guess what conclusions they are likely to reach?
Think tank Demos has become, alas, little more than a pressure group for assisted suicide
I have at last received a response to my questions to Lord Falconer, challenging the constitution of his “Commission” on Assisted Dying. The letter comes not from Lord Falconer himself, but from Kitty Ussher, director of the think tank Demos, more of which in a moment.
Ussher is very friendly and as helpful as she can be. I see she was Economic Secretary to the Treasury when the credit crunch arrived and was subsequently at the Department of Work and Pensions. She was also Labour MP for Burnley until last year. She is obviously an experienced and highly intelligent woman. Which makes the nature of her letter all the more surprising. more

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