Thursday, February 24, 2011

Locked In Syndrome Patients: We Want To Live, Not Be Euthanized

The general wisdom that patients in minimally and unresponsive states should be killed off (sorry, I meant compassionately euthanized) has just been smacked down in a piece of research just out in the UK. Guess what? Most of these people not only want to live, but are actually happy. The pro-deathers are gnashing their teeth, no doubt.
We're happy and don't want euthanasia say patients locked in their bodies
Most patients ‘trapped’ in their own bodies are happy and do not want euthanasia, according to the biggest survey yet of people with locked-in syndrome.
Contrary to the conventional image of those with the condition, many are able to adapt to the ‘devastating’ change in their lives, researchers say.
And the longer somebody has had the syndrome, the more likely they are to report happiness. more

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