Tuesday, February 1, 2011

UK Courts Clueless In Understanding What Murder Is

Yes, George Webb committed murder, and the courts let him off by excusing his behavior as assisting in a sucide, gaily ignoring the fact that (on the books at least) assisted suicide is still illegal in the UK. And no, it wasn't a "mercy killing."
Mercy killing: not a case of assisted suicide
Seventy-three year old George Webb successfully overturned a two year sentence of imprisonment for the manslaughter of his wife. An influential composition of the Court of Appeal ruled that the ‘unique’ case merited a suspended sentence.
Webb was convicted of smothering his ailing 75-year-old wife after she had attempted to take her own life and the facts of the case clearly showed that the defendant was under severe pressure out of concern for his wife, which was affecting his mental condition. This was clearly the basis for the diminished responsibility verdict. more

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